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04 2018 Tallinn music week, Estonia

RIGAS RITMI Festival Showcase review by ALL ABOUT JAZZ

"Praulina's feisty stage presence and soulful voice reminded this reviewer of the great Scottish singer Lulu. When instrumentation was stripped back to guitars, drums and voice on rootsy songs such as "Finally Free," the sound was redolent of T-Bone Burnett - guitarist Marcis Vasilevskis swampy, rich, Les Paul tone was especially atmospheric."

- Bruce Lindsay, All About Jazz

Read more about RIGAS RITMI FESTIVAL 2015 and our performance here: 

RIGAS RITMI Festival Showcase Interview

Rigas Ritmi Festival 2015 will take place in Riga, in the first week of July. Also, the Rigas Ritmi Festival Showcase programme will take place on 2nd - 3rd July as part of the festival, where Latvian performers will present themselves to foreign experts of music and guests of the festival. ALASKA DREAMERS will participate in the festival's Showcase programme on 3rd July and with the concert at the open-air leisure park "Egle" on 4th July. Here's an interview with Reinis, Rudolfs and Kristine about the upcoming performances. At the time of the interview, the bands name wasn't clear yet, so they are being referred to as "Kristine Praulina & Friends".


In the case of Showcase, the first question is – what is "Kristine Praulina & Friends"?

Kristine: It’s new, original musical material, composed by Reinis Ozolins.

Rudolfs: Our common musical taste has finally materialized. Primary, these are the composition of Reinis and lyrics by Kristine, but we work together as a band.


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